SIHI Pumps

Sterling Fluid Systems is a world-wide manufacturer of Single and Multistage Vacuum Pumps and Liquid Ring Compressors, Multistage Liquid Pumps, and Hot Oil Pumps. Packaged systems can be supplied with all applicable accessories such as tanks, piping, or electronics. All systems are fully assembled and tested prior to shipment. A wide range of sizes and materials can meet almost any process conditions.

The SIHI dry running vacuum pump was developed specifically for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and related process industries. It was designed for a range of difficult process conditions such as corrosive gases, dusts and liquids, toxic or explosive gases. The pump and controls are an integrated unit allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Sterling Fluid Systems multistage liquid pumps feature a floating impeller design that lowers the NPSH requirement and better handles air entrained liquids. Sterling Fluid Systems hot oil pumps can handle process temperatures to 662° F without the need for external cooling.

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