Quality OEM parts

Quality OEM parts for the entire range of TPC products are readily available from our distribution center in Charlotte. Parts conform to the latest design standards and material specifications so customers are ensured reliable operation and lowest equipment ownership costs. TPC stores and distributes parts for all of its proud heritage brands.

The TPC Advantage

The use of replicated or locally machined parts can compromise mechanical integrity, hydraulic efficiency and personnel safety.

TPC understands the critical elements involved in designing and producing high quality parts. Whether cast or machined, OEM manufactured parts and components result in lower total operating costs and increased personnel safety.

  • Poor surface finishes, internal shrinks, tolerance deviations and non-compliant compositions are commonly found in non-OEM parts. These result in poor hydraulic efficiency, high power consumption, premature failure and increased operating costs.
  • OEM parts incorporate the latest design changes that are routinely implemented to improve operating efficiency and extend equipment life
  • Customers benefit from ongoing research and development efforts to develop new materials, overlay techniques and mechanically improved components

Quick Response Time

TPC quick response service provide customers with rapid delivery of pumps and parts to minimize equipment or plant downtime. TPc quick response service respond rapidly to customer needs by providing same-day delivery of standard parts. Special parts can be delivered in days instead of weeks. They also have machining capabilities to provide customer-specific adaptations. With the help of TPC quick response service, pump users can maximize plant uptime and profitability.

Inventory Management

By evaluating and monitoring client-held inventory, TPC parts and inventory experts develop programs to reduce customer costs associated with inventory and non-productive assets. Programs incorporate TPC and non-TPC equipment.

  • Inventory rationalization
  • Safety stock recommendations
  • Materials standardization
  • Equipment obsolescence
  • Repair schedule integration

Through quick response programs, rapid prototyping and other innovative approaches to OEM parts supply, TPC delivers lower inventory costs while maintaining high levels of equipment performance.

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